Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rest In Peace...

Sadnees sweeps across the Pararescue community - this past weekend in Afghanistan, as a result of a suicide bomber, USAF CMSgt Nick McCaskill, Pararescueman, was killed.  He is survivied by his wife and two young children. 

May you rest in Peace Chief!  Your sacrifices throughout your career as a Pararescueman will not be forgotten, but will live on in the lives that you have rescued and those around them.  A true hero, with no cape or emblem upon his chest.  Chief McCaskill lived by his PJ creed... and died by it. 

"9 Line" is dedicated to our fallen "Guardian Angels" - one more name, to be added...  show us your support so we can prove to the non-beievers how important this film truly is.

"That Others May Live"

If you would like to donate or help Chief McCaskill's family please visit the "That Others May Live" website at: