Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jolly Green Giant...

The Jolly Green Giant?  No, it's not just on a can of vegetables, it's also the nickname of the Sikorsky MH-53 used during the #VietnamWar.  During this time the PJs utilized the MH-53 in their search and rescue missions.  It was the inspiration behind the PJs green foot print tattoo..

The story behind the tattoo is as follows:

And this is the abridged version, btw....  TSgt Wayne Fisk and SSgt Chuck Morrow, both PJs, were two friends who "found each other" in the "Jolly/Dusty Hootch Bar".  They shared a drink or two, or three, or maybe even four before heading down into the 'ville.  Once there, they enjoyed each others company; swapping rescue stories and retelling of stories, and more stories, and more retelling the stories as more of their sobriety decreased.  Then it hit them, BAM!  What would be more fitting then a tattoo of Combat Rescues prestigious symbol - the green footprints?!  But the question remained - where or where to place such an important tattoo?

Wayne went first - he took the prone position and the birth of the legendary tattoo began.  Soon after, once word was out all the PJs wanted one.  As generations have passed, it has become an icon among them - upon Pararescue graduation it's the mooning, and the honor and glory to call yourself one of the elite, the few the proud to forever have the footprints upon your arse..

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