Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday the flags flew at half mass, moments of silence were observed across the nation, and people remembered...

"I got a call from my mother, she said to turn on the TV a plane just flew into one of the twin towers.  I turned on the TV, and just as I did so I watched as the second plane flew into the other one.  A black speck hitting the building and a ball of fire.  I knew then it was an attack..."

"I was on my way into the city.  Crossing over the bridge and I happened to look up just as the first plane crashed into the building...."

"I hit the snooze button and fell back to sleep.  I woke up in a rush to get to work that morning, ended up missing my train, I was having a rough morning. (pause)  If I had gotten up on time I would have been in Tower 1..."

"I couldn't see anything.  Not my hand in front of me.  Dust, debris, smoke.  Screams coming from every direction.  The smells were horrific."

"It was like the end of the world."

"Watching the people jump from the buildings..."

"They (the news) were talking with someone inside the Pentagon before the plane crashed.  All of sudden you heard this noise in the broadcast and the person being interviewed started to scream they had just been hit."

"I just kept thinking, what is happening.  I just wanted to hold my children tight."

"Afterwards, the skies were silent except for the Air Force's jets - F-15's and F-16s circling above."

"George W. Bush saved this nation during that time.  I don't believe any other president could have handled this tragedy better."

The stories are told yearly.  We who tell these stories need to remind those who did not experience this about it.  We must not forget about the horrific things that these terrorists have done on OUR GREAT NATION.  And we must NOT allow this to happen again.  If we forget, if we put our guards down...

God Bless the United States of America, its citizens, all of the men and women who defend it daily and days in the past.