Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day - I am here

You may not see me.... But I am here
You may not feel me.... But I am here
You may not know my name...  But I am here

I am your forefather
I am your brother
I am your sister
Your father your mother, aunt and uncle, niece and nephew
I am...

Guardian of the night while your head rests upon a pillow
Keeper of the peace while you roast marshmallows.
A spirit that lingers across the land,
The reason a child holds a small flag in his tiny hand.

My folded flag is encased in glass with my many medals
My photo sits proudly besides it.
My uniforms hang silently in a closet
My dog tags dangle from the corner of a mirror.

But I am here.
My spirit lives on among you
Fighting side by side with my brothers and sisters in uniform
Preserving your freedom, watching over you.

I am here...
I am a Soldier, a Seaman, an Airman
I am here