Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day

This great country was founded and formed by men who wanted something greater in life for not only themselves but also for their children.  Over the years, wars have been fought in order to maintain our right to pursuit happiness.  And this stands true today.

Labor Day was founded to honor the social and economic dedication and achievements  that American Workers perform throughout the year.  It's a yearly national tribute to the hard working citizens of this great country who continue to give our country strength, prosperity and ensures its well-being. 

The first state bill was introduced to the New York Legislature, however it was actually the state of Oregon that passed the law of a Labor Day recognition on February 21, 1887.  Colorado, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts also passed the law that same year.  By the end of the decade, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Nebraska followed suit and by 1894 23 additional states had adopted the holiday to honor the American workers.  Finally, on June 28, 1894 the District of Columbia had passed the law stating that the first Monday of September will be declared a legal holiday known as Labor Day for the District and all of its territories.

 Labor Day has become a day of BBQs, the last of the summer, and a time to enjoy your close friends and family.  Beer, liquor, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken on the grill... let us not forget the potato or macaroni salad, and all the dips and chips.  Soda galore and juice boxes for the little ones.  But, miles away, this day of recognition won't have the same impact.  Men and Women will still put on their flax vests, their helmets, check their weapons...  they will wake up and put on their ABUs, BDUs...  blouse their pants, tie their boots, and the sounds of their dog tags jingling while they place them under their T-shirts can be heard if you listen.  F-16's, A-10s, Pave Hawks, take the sky - the sounds of American Freedom.  Let us not forget about them...  Let us not forget why we can continue to have holidays such as these...  Let us not forget...

God Bless America, all its Military Members and their families, and God Bless each of you.  Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday!