Monday, July 22, 2013

Charlie the PJ

The legend goes...

In 1964 on a small island in Fiji, Tony "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" Willis was drawn to a very odd object one day.  This object was merely 18 in height, and was a carved wooden South Sea demi god.  This "Demi God" did not fit any real expectations of what a "Demi God" should look like, noooo.  This particular one has unbelievable proportions, and well, is ugly.  Tony fell in love with him.

Once back at Eglin AFB FL, "Charlie" as the Demi God was soon christened, and became more popular then Tony himself.  "Charlie" was administered a qualification ride, and received his maroon beret, a parachute, diving mask, and fins.

Charlie became very famous, very quickly and was requested at many ceremonies.  That's when it all began.

Charlie the PJs first abduction started later that year by an "assailant" of the Pararescue brotherhood.  Charlie was whisked away and taken to 55th AARS,

Many abductions soon followed.  Charlie has been across continents by land, by sea, and by air.  He has jumped into the deserts of the Middle East and climbed the ice bergs of Alaska.  He basks in the sun on tropical islands.  Charlie has truly lived an exceptional life as a PJ.

Over the years, rules have been made and are followed strictly by the PJ Brotherhood.  They are as follows:

  1. Charlie will be absconded only by fully and currently qualified or retired PARARESCUEMEN.
  2. Any effort by non-PARARESCUE personnel to abscond Charlie will be met with the full, unified force of the career field.
  3. Charlie will physically occupy and dominate a place of honor at all PARARESCUE functions in which his presence is expected.
  4. Efforts to abscond Charlie will not be instituted until the final hours of the function of which he is in attendance.
  5. Only covert measures reflecting great pride upon the PARARESCUE career field will be employed during Charlie's acquisition.
  6. Physical violence will not be employed except during circumstances in Rule 2 above.
  7. Area destruction during any acquisition effort will be kept to a minimum except during circumstances reflected in Rule 2 above.
  8. Charlie will not be altered or changed in any manner unless authorized by the consensus of the PARARESCUE Association officiated by the President of the Association.
  9. His location need not be made public; however, he will be prominently displayed at all times during his tenure at his hosting PARARESCUE team's section.
  10. Charlie will be transferred from point-to-point only through the most secure means, inclusive of U.S. Postal System, UPS, Federal Express, etc.
  11. If Charlie is absconded by a recognized PARARESCUE retiree, that individual will not retain custody of him for more than one seven- day period before surrendering him to the operational PARARESCUE team of his choice.
-- OR --
The curse of a thousand PJs will be on you
if you violate these written rules!
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