Wednesday, February 27, 2013


PJs – That Others May Live
By Dawn M. Hodson

Genre: Adventure/Thriller/Romance/Military - WGA-E Registration # I216170

Logline: When saving the lives of others is your mission, being with your loved ones is put on hold. (Story based on research and interviews on sight with U. S. Air Force Pararescuer personnel with whom I worked with for several months. Story is a  blend of buddy interchange, personal romance with the backdrop of the heroic work of the Pararescuers. The Air Force cooperated in the production of this screenplay.)
Synopsis: Joining the military after graduation was always the plan; becoming a Pararescuer was a dream come true.  CHASE’S life was ideal; jumping from C-130’s and Pave Hawk helicopters, water rescues, rock and ice climbing; all completed in the name of the mission; rescue those in adverse conditions and save lives. 

Returning from a mountain rescue, Chase runs into an old friend, the one he left behind, the one he fell in love with before he left, MORGAN. Regardless of the Air Force regulations stating their officer/enlisted relationship was prohibited, their feelings for one another were rekindled.

Overseas rotations come, and Chase leaves for Afghanistan, putting his full training to use, working long hard hours, and getting little rest.  When a small explosion occurs in downtown Malgir, Chase receives the 9 line call and is sent with his team for medical evacuations.  Treatment is given, and as they carry their patients back to the Pave Hawk, another explosion is heard - the local Forward Operating Base (FOB) is hit. 

Their patients delivered safely, Chase and his team head out with their new orders to the FOB.  A trapped patient in critical condition is found, and they are assigned to the extraction.  During the initial treatment, the reality of the situation is discovered; the victim is Morgan, newly rotated in from the states.  Fighting for each breath, Morgan babbles aimlessly to Chase who struggles to keep her alive.  Freed from her concrete prison, her last breaths are drawn and Chase fights to bring her back. 

Hopelessness engulfs him while she is taken into pre-op, he falls against the wall as he emotionally breaks down.  His radio sounds off and following his PJ creed, he quickly places his duties before his personal desires and returns to his Pave Hawk. With Morgan still deep in his heart, Chase stands patiently under a tree and smiles as his bride walks down the aisle.

Dedicated to those who have risked their lives “so others may live”